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Oak Bay

Looking to hire a reliable towing company in Oak Bay?? Look no further than Peninsula Towing 24/7 365.

Our tow truck company offers prompt and efficient towing, transport ad recovery services of all kinds.

We are one of the few towing service providers who understand clients’ needs in the case of emergency vehicle breakdown anywhere in Oak Bay.

Get proficient emergency tow services


We bring to the table a blend of professionalism, honesty and timely services to assist you in resolving emergency towing issues.

Whether it is a rural location at Oak Bay or an isolated highway, no place is out of reach to us. We can offer roadside assistance any time of day or night as we operate around the clock service.

You can rely on our commercial towing company for more than just towing services. We can take care of 24-hour fuel delivery, locked out service and more.

Use our vehicle recovery service and complete your journey without any further stops along the way!

We offer total service in every emergency and non-emergency roadside needs


1- Peninsula Towing can offer commercial towing service, meaning you can trust us for your heavy trailers, trucks, equipment and more to be towed or transported from one location to another.

2- Our reliable reputation is built on offering consistent top-notch services using the years of experience we have in the field of towing and more.

3- Our car towing service expertise lies in both flat deck and heavy-wrecker towing services.

4- Whether you need flat tire replacement or repair, trust us to get the best possible services.

5- Running out of fuel? Call Peninsula Towing to get an immediate top up (to 10L) with our 24-hour fuel delivery services. If you own a diesel or propane-powered vehicle, then we can transport your vehicle to the nearest service station, too.

Reasons to give a call to our tow truck company


1- Highly competent crew

The best thing about working with Peninsula Towing is that we are capable of offering quality services every time, thanks to our highly competent crew members.

We have been providing reliable emergency roadside assistance over 4 decades and know what you need to come out of any emergency situation.

2- Our experience comes in handy always

Peninsula Towing has been in the industry since 1975. We have been serving people around Oak Bay with exceptional wrecker towing services with no compromises on quality and efficiency.

Our trained and experienced staff is committed to offering highly professional towing o recovery service with a smile.

3- Affordable towing services 

No matter what type of towing service you are expecting from us, we can meet all your towing needs efficiently.

In fact, we provide competitive pricing for our services in Oak Bay, meaning you pay reasonable prices every time.

4- One-stop hub

The best thing about choosing Peninsula Towing is that you don’t have to shop around.  Our fleet of 20 units of towing and heavy-equipment machinery, coupled with the knowledge and experience we continually build on, make us the one-stop-shop for roadside emergency needs of all shapes and sizes.

Call us to experience our expertise today!


Call or click online to connect with our family-owned and operated business to assist with all your roadside personal or industrial vehicle emergencies.


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