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Heavy-duty vehicle breakdowns are stressful, especially when the trouble strikes at just the wrong time to leave you stranded on the road. Our expert team of skilled tow truck operators and roadside assistance technicians will gladly come to your rescue whenever you experience an emergency related to your vehicle. We are very aware of our industry’s changing needs and can utilize our expertise combine with state-of-the-art trucks and equipment will get your job done quickly and professionally. We pride ourselves on our quick response times, typically sending a truck out within minutes of your call.

At Peninsula Towing, a second generation family-run business with 45 years of experience, our list of services ranges from inflating flat tires to heavy-duty towing throughout Greater Victoria, BC. See the full list below:


If you have a tire that is low on air, we can inflate it or replace the flat tire with your spare. Don’t have a spare? We will transport your vehicle to a repair facility, where you can get your existing flat tire either repaired or replaced with a brand new one.

Person's hand using phone to call due to flat tire in background


Our drivers are trained by BCAA to do lockouts and their training is updated annually to keep up with the latest production models. If you’re locked out of your car with the keys inside, we can help you open it and retrieve your keys, so that you can continue your journey without any worries.

Inside of front passenger door with red and black panels


If your vehicle stops in the middle of your journey because it is out of fuel, things can get confusing and complicated. This is where we come in. We can deliver gasoline to your location, or tow your diesel or propane-powered vehicle to the nearest service station.Fast resolution for fuel in Victoria

Person holding gas station symbol

Are you stuck on the highway with a broken-down car? Do you need any type of towing assistance? Then contact Peninsula Towing. 

We will be the first ones to reach you and help you overcome the broken car issue. We offer a range of services like BCAA battery replacement, long-distance towing, and even roadside service for big trucks.

Our service speciality makes us the first name for “Recovery and Towing Near Me”

  • Wrecker towing service in Victoria – Our team comes prepared for heavy hauling with wrecker towing equipment. Trust our wrecker towing service in Victoria to treat you and your beloved car right.

  • BCAA battery replacement – With our BCAA battery replacement and dead battery jumpstarts, you can be assured of fighting off the cold, frigid temperature outside. We help make your battery come to life. 

  • Flatbed towing – Go for “flatbed truck towing near me” if you need assistance in hauling off a car or bike, We have the right vehicle and equipment to load the car properly and unload it at the destination without a scratch.

  • Commercial towing – Whether you need long-distance towing or roadside service for big trucks, check out our commercial towing services meant for bigger vehicles. 

  • 24-hour emergency fuel – As a part of our expertise in “recovery and towing near me”, we also offer emergency fuel delivery to take your fuel gauge needle away from ‘empty’

  • We have the right equipment and tools to complement our diverse industry experience in “recovery and towing near me”. Together, they help you to come out of the bleak situation of vehicle breakdown easily.

  • No need to panic if you are stuck anywhere across Victoria, BC. We will send help within minutes, so that you need not remain stuck for long.

  • We deal with different types of roadside emergencies like dead battery jumpstart, emergency fuel delivery, and flat tire replacement. This way, we offer all-round services with our long-distance and flatbed towing service.

  • You need not pay exorbitant charges to anybody to resolve your vehicle breakdown issuer. We offer various towing services at nominal charges. This holds true even for commercial wreckers and roadside services for big trucks.

  • We go out of our way to help you resolve the vehicle breakdown problem. This way, we ensure 100% customer satisfaction with the various towing services we deliver. You need not worry about unsatisfactory service when you call us up. 


Our objective as a crew is to help you get moving as quickly as possible. Why should you be stuck in a remote spot for hours at end, when you can get speedy and reliable towing assistance from Peninsula Towing?

We will come in handy for different types of services like Flatbed Towing Service, BCAA Battery Replacement or Wrecker Towing Service in Victoria. 

These plus points make us the preferred “recovery and towing near me” in Victoria, BC. Call us on 250-656-6911

Truck and large ship in the background


We, at Peninsula Towing, have been providing high quality towing services in Greater Victoria and the Saanich Peninsula since 1975. Every service provided by us is of the best possible quality. We strive to cater to all the needs of our customers in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We have devised that each customer has different needs, requirements, and preferences through our years of experience in providing towing services. Thus, we maintain a large fleet of 20 vehicles, including trailers, trucks, and a bobcat skid-steer.

So, no matter the nature of your towing assistance, we can help you with it. Additionally, our tow-truck operators are available 24 hours a day so that you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in an awkward situation after hours. In all our years of experience, we have encountered almost every situation imaginable. Hence, we can provide you with towing services for all your unique requirements.


We can pick up and deliver your motorcycle anywhere. Our fully-enclosed motorcycle trailer is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With our three flatbed trucks for equipment, we can transport just about any piece of equipment or construction shed/container.


If you have questions about any of our services or if you’d like to schedule any heavy duty towing in Victoria, BC, contact us today!

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