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Whether a tourist, or on your way to work, vehicles can get unexpectedly stuck, stalled or pop a tire anywhere here in Esquimalt.

Peninsula Towing is one of the leading commercial towing service providers to assist with roadside emergency situations.   We are well-known for offering top-quality and timely services to new and returning customers who suffer various vehicle breakdown issues.

In fact, you can rely on our towing company, irrespective of the time and day as we operate 24/7 to connect with you anywhere in Esquimalt promptly.



At Peninsula Towing, we aim at helping you get out of the problem with the most reliable emergency roadside service.

1- We can assist in towing or transporting your vehicle, no matter what its size, make, or model is. Based on your specific needs, you can choose from our services. We ensure to meet your quality expectations with our high standard services.

2- We also perform on-the-spot flat tire air or spare replacement. This way our tire change service lets you continue your journey ahead.

3- You can obtain our emergency towing, transport and recovery services for industrial equipment by clicking or calling now.

4- If you are out of fuel and have no reliable source for a refill, we can help you out. Count on our BCAA trained service providers to receive 24 hr fuel delivery up to 10L to get you to the nearest service station.  With us by your side, you don’t have to worry about being stranded on side roads away from home.




1- Round the clock assistance 

It is impossible to determine when your vehicle will display issues. Your vehicle may seem fine while leaving your home but showcase problems in the middle of the trip.

Thankfully Peninsula Towing has a knack for reaching places that not many operators are able to reach on time.

We have your back for timely emergency towing services, irrespective of where you are stranded in Esquimalt.

2- Service Excellence

Peninsula Towing has been in the industry since 1975. Over the last 4 decades, we have gained incredible knowledge and customer service support pertaining to roadside assistance.

Our vehicle recovery service is exceptionally augmented with other towing services to ensure your vehicle continues are originally planned promptly.

Such a streamlined process has made us the number one choice in vehicle towing service.

3- Wide coverage 

For Peninsula Towing, no road in Esquimalt is out of our reach. Call our commercial towing company and watch us promptly dispatch a tow truck to assess and assist with your roadside emergency.

Right from dead battery jumpstart to engine fail recovery, we can do it all with full confidence and know-how!


Wait no more and give our wrecker towing service experts a call today! Our industry-leading dispatch will right-fit the truck and service operator to reach you promptly and assist with your emergency roadside dilemma.






For recovery and towing in Victoria, BC and the surrounding areas, visit our FAQ's or contact us today!

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