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Tires are a critical component to any vehicle’s upkeep and yet they’re often one of the most overlooked by many vehicle owners. Sure, they may look alright at a casual glance, but the reality is they can go flat at just about any given time, day or night. Have you hit a bump in the road with an unexpected flat tire and lack the experience or tools to change it? Don’t fret; Peninsula Towing is but one phone call away, 24 hours a day.

While we’re primarily known for our short- and long-distance towing services, we also provide many invaluable roadside assistance services to ensure your safety, including flat tire replacement in Victoria, BC. Whether you’ve got a flat, a blow-out or a noticeable hole or tear in your tire that’s causing it to leak air at a rapid pace, we can inflate your tire, replace it using your spare tire in the trunk or tow your vehicle to the closest tire repair facility. Our speedy tire replacement services will have you back on the road in a jiffy!


If you’re driving along the road and suddenly hear the tell-tale sounds of a flat tire, here’s what you should do:

  • Pull over to the side of the road immediately. If possible, try to find a wide, open shoulder area to park. This will allow you to be able to get out of your vehicle safely to assess your situation.

  • If you know how to change a flat tire, get out your necessary tools and spare if you think you can do so safely. If you have safety cones in your trunk, set them out to alert other drivers on the road.

  • If you lack the tools, a spare or the know-how to change the tire, call Peninsula Towing for immediate assistance! Remember, it’s not advisable to travel very far on a spare tire. We can also tow your vehicle to the nearest repair shop if you’re too far away to drive there safely on your own.


At Peninsula Towing, we take immense pride in what we do and we always strive for professionalism. With a team of experienced towing and roadside assistance technicians to our credit, you can always count on us to help you out of a difficult, frustrating situation and get you back on the road as quickly and as safely as possible. When you call us for a flat tire replacement in Victoria, you get peace of mind relying upon our expertise to get the job done to your satisfaction. So, if you’ve got a flat tire and are unsure what to do, call Peninsula Towing to come to your rescue! We can also deliver fuel if you’re left stranded on the side of the road without any gas.

Flat tires are a common roadside problem. You need not worry too much about them, because Peninsula towing is here to help.

We are known for going above and beyond to reach you in a matter of minutes of placing a call for roadside assistance. This makes us the preferred choice of professionals for tire repair in Sidney BC.

If your car is stuck at any place due to any other emergency problem, then you can rely on us to resolve those too. You can consider us your choice of mechanics for all types of problems like BCAA battery replacement and tire change service in Victoria.

We offer different types of services to help you rectify the problem, get moving quickly, and reach your destination without unnecessary delays.

  • Flat tire repair – Your tire may have likely been punctured due to a sharp object protruding it during your car travel. If the damage is not too extensive, we will not tell you to replace your tire entirely. We can repair the puncture and patch up the problem area on the tire. This will help you continue your journey ahead.

  • Flat tire replacement – Sometimes due to extensive damage or worn-out treads, it might be difficult to continue with the older tires. We assess the health of the tires and suggest to go for flat tire replacement if the situation demands. Our crew carries replacement tires that will fit well into your car. They will be compatible with the car’s specific make and model.

  • Refilling air in flat tire – Maintaining adequate tire pressure is crucial for a hassle-free car journey. If you sense low air pressure or a flat tire altogether, then do not worry. Call us up and we will make arrangements to refill the air in your tire. We carry the necessary tools and equipment needed to fill the air to optimal level.


  • Prompt service – Other service providers may take hours to reach you. This delay can compromise on the safety of your loved one travelling with you. Call us and see us reach you within a few minutes of placing the call. We know the various routes in and around Sidney and Victoria. Hence, we are able to reach you quickly for assistance in flat tire replacement or repair.

  • Total assistance- Be it tire replacement or repair of the existing tires, we can do it all. We bring together our years of experience to provide unmatched professionalism and satisfaction-oriented tire change services in Victoria and Sidney, BC

  • Honesty in our services- We are known for total transparency and honesty with our flat tire repair services. For instance, we won’t recommend going for complete change of tires, when a simple puncture repair will do the job well. If you tires have life on it, then no need to replace it completely. We assess the situation and accordingly suggest the best possible solution, keeping in mind the safety of your family and you.


Remember our phone number 250-656-6911 to call for any problems related to flat tires in Sidney or Victoria.

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