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Mill Bay

No matter how well-maintained your vehicle may be, roadside mechanical failures tend to happen unexpectedly. So, it makes more sense to be in touch with a towing company like Peninsula Towing to be prepared than being stranded roadside in an unfamiliar area.

Peninsula Towing is one of the leading commercial towing companies in the Mill Bay area.

We offer around the clock flat deck towing services so that you can reach your destination on time.

Our experts are ever ready to deploy excellent towing solutions, no matter what type of emergency roadside assistance you need!

And don’t worry, when you call us for wrecker towing service/recovery or just a simple flat tire, we are committed to come fully equipped. This way, you can reach your destination on time and safely.

We are experts in towing needs because we offer:


1- Affordable services – One of the biggest reasons why people prefer our wrecker towing service is that we don’t charge you more than we should.

Our emergency tow service is at your disposal 24/7. Be it a heavy towing or tire replacement, our tow truck will reach you promptly without being heavy on your pocket.

2- Expertise through our work – Peninsula Towing has developed over the last 4 decades, providing competent, competitive towing and recovery service of varying degree.  Our highly trained staff is proud to be service partners with reputable Auto Clubs such as BCAA, AXA, AAA SYKES, Dominion Auto, CAA and work along side our RCMP roadside emergency teams.

3- Diverse Service – Peninsula Towing is a family-owned and operated company pillar in our community.  We offer diversified services including but not limited to: Shipping Container Transport, Commercial Construction equipment transport, Heavy Duty towing and recovery.

Why call us for your towing needs?


Peninsula Towing has been operational and achieving service excellence since 1975.  This means, you get expert knowledge paired with industry-leading equipment, 2 generation family-owned and operated knowledge base to service our customers new and returning alike.  We are proud to provide “big city service with a small-town attitude”.

Stranded? No more….


No matter where you are stranded in the Mill Bay area, you can always trust our experts at Peninsula Towing to show up and offer you the most reliable vehicle recovery services.

We are a simple click or call away!


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