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You can control your car’s speed, but you certainly cannot control the breakdowns.

Thankfully, you don’t have to wait longer in the middle of nowhere with a disabled car engine, especially when Peninsula Towing is here to serve people in and around Shawnigan Lake.

Get total roadside assistance


Our crew is ever- ready and fully equipped to offer complete roadside assistance. We believe in offering friendly and effective car towing service so you can get back on your schedule in no time.

By utilizing our towing and recovery excellence, we can easily transform a  vehicle breakdown situation into a sigh of relief, enabling you to tackle the rest of the day as you had planned.

You can even rely on us for 24-hour fuel delivery. Just give us a call, and the help will be on your way.

Services that we cover


1- Towing services – We are fully equipped and well-qualified to offer various towing services. From light to heavy-duty recoveries or transport requirements, our fleet of 20 can accommodate the customers need.

2- Commercial towing services – If you need vehicle recovery services for your heavy-duty vehicles, then Peninsula commercial towing company is the place to call.

3- Flat tire replacement –We are fully equipped and well-qualified to offer various towing services. Whether you need a flat tire repair or spare put on, you can always trust our roadside experts for quality services.

4- 24-hour fuel delivery – Just because your truck, car, RV, or other vehicle is running out of fuel doesn’t mean you need to be stranded in a desolate place unexpectedly. Instead, call us for 24-hours fuel delivery services to bring you up to 10L and start your journey again to get to the nearest service station.

Here is why we are the preferred choice for emergency roadside assistance


1- We offer affordable towing services – One of the first reasons to call our towing company is affordability. Whether the battery needs a jumpstart or there is a flat tire repair, we can help with any and every emergency roadside service – all at competitive pricing.

2-Our crew’s expertise proves best under pressureWe have been in the industry for over four decades. Our wrecker towing service in Shawnigan Lake supports heavy towing too. We have the right training and experience to offer professional and highly efficient towing service.

3- Round the clock assistance – We are one of the few towing companies in Shawnigan Lake that offer flat deck towing, heavy towing, transport, recovery and other emergency roadside assistance 24-hours a day. We understand  that breakdowns can happen anytime and anywhere,  not limited to a certain time of the day.

Connect with our experts today!


So, say no to “waiting”. Call our tow truck company. We will provide prompt and trustworthy emergency roadside tow/recovery services. Our tow trucks and operators at Peninsula Towing look forward to your call.


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